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Beyoncé's World

by Rachel Devitt

Beyoncé's World


About this playlist

We don't know about you, but we find ourselves thinking about Beyoncé a lot. Like, maybe more than we should.

It's possible our fixation has something to do with the media's obsession with Queen B and her royal family: They are certainly a photogenic bunch with a seriously drool-worthy lifestyle. The press has hasn't had much luck stirring up a lot of sensational controversy surrounding her, either, unless you count her Inauguration lip-synching "scandal" back in '09. (Our Official Opinion: Were we slightly disappointed, because we're pretty sure if anyone could have killed that live, it's our girl Bey? Sure. But do we also think it's not that big a deal for someone to use their own seriously awesome recording to combat really terrible singing conditions at such an important event where there is a long history of people doing the same thing? Definitely. Moving on.)

But "scandals" and Blue Ivy and Nets games aside, the real reason we can't stop thinking about her is that she's just the kind of artist who naturally commands that sort of attention. A diva, to be sure, but to expand on that lazy "fabulous lady pop star" shorthand, what we mean when we say that is that Beyoncé is kind of pop-stardom perfection personified. Ridiculously gorgeous. Seriously talented, driven and ambitious. And the kind of star who appears to trade in professionalism and perfection rather than drama and prima donna behavior, Queen B is the kind of artist we want all our pop stars to grow up to be. And, of course, the relatively young singer has managed to have a pretty prolific career. In celebration of all the corners and lives and ears (and eyes) Beyoncé has touched and, frankly, come to reign over in her 33 short years, we present this playlist of her greatest hits, beloved classics and most significant collaborators. It is Beyoncé's World, after all. We just live in it.

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