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Remembering the iconic rock musician David Bowie who would have been 72 years old today.

Bowie, who was born in London in 1947, was one of the ’70s most influential musicians. Over the course of his career he also assumed a number of personas, including Ziggy Stardust, Alladin Sane and others. He’s known for such signature songs as “Changes,” “Heroes,” “Space Oddity,” “Under Pressure,” “Let’s Dance” and “Rebel Rebel.”

Dubbed The Thin White Duke, Bowie was incessantly inventive and would boldly embrace everything from androgyny, high art, electronic music and old-school Philly funk in his look and music. With each evolution, Bowie was always inimitable yet immediately recognizable. His otherworldly visions introduced fans to aliens, astronauts, rebels and heroes — all given equal play in Bowie’s unique alternate universe.

Outside of creating his own music, Bowie also acted as producer for Lou Reed‘s Transformer and wrote songs for Iggy Pop (“China Girl”) and Mott the Hopple (“All the Young Dudes”).

Bowie also took his art to the big screen, appearing in movies The Man Who Fell to Earth and Labyrinth. He also co-wrote Lazarus, an Off-Broadway play that was inspired by The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Bowie is survived by his wife, the supermodel Iman Abdulmajid, and two children, son Duncan Jones and daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones.

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