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About this playlist

What is Bedroom R&B? Y'all know what it is. It's for the couples slow dancing together to Jodeci's "Feenin'." It's for the ladies cueing up Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" as they sip wine on the sofa, ready to spark romance. It's for the bros touting their skills to Jeremih's "Birthday Sex." It's for the players tossing clothes to the floor, tumbling onto the sheets to the sounds of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing." It's straight-up sex jams like Trey Songz' "Neighbors Know My Name," and post-coital ballads like Blackstreet's "Before I Let You Go."

And since we know y'all do more in your big, wonderful bed than just, um, do it, there's plenty of songs on our station to stimulate deep and heartfelt conversation, like Faith Evans' "Soon As I Get Home" and Marsha Ambrosius' "Far Away." But despite the occasional presence of breakup ballads like Jhené Aiko's "The Worst," this station isn't for folks who enjoy cornering loved ones in the one place they can't escape, and then proceeding to noisily argue all night. Bedroom R&B is for lovers, not fighters.

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