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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Todd Terje

by Philip Sherburne

Artist Spotlight: Todd Terje

About this playlist

It wouldn't be summer without a new anthem from Todd Terje, and lo and behold, along comes the Norwegian producer with "Strandbar," another irresistible ode to dancing under the midnight sun. The title translates as "Beach Bar," and the song is clearly cut from the same cloth as his Italo-leaning hits like "Inspector Norse," "Eurodans" and "Lanzarote," a coproduction with his longtime collaborator Lindstrom. With pianos reminiscent of Balearic classics like "Strings of Life" and "Sueño Latino" it might be Terje's most unabashedly epic single yet. We've put together a playlist -- also pretty epic -- of Terje's greatest hits along with the best of his Lindstrom collaborations, plus remixes for Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, José Gonzalez, Joakim and more. Grab your sunblock and get on down.

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