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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: The Rolling Stones

by Napster

Artist Spotlight: The Rolling Stones


About this playlist

This fall marked the 50th anniversary of the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World. We all know who we're talking about, right? The band that can't get no satisfaction ... that ranted about Jumping Jack Flash and how he's a gas, gas, gas ... that warned us they're gonna come around at 12 with some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin' to meet us. Yeah, you got it: The Rolling Stones!

From shaggy British Invasion upstarts to towering arena-rock gods, the trip has been a long and strange one for the Glimmer Twins. Along the way, they've given us their fair share of legend, myth and controversy. But most important of all, they gave us all that stone-cold classic music: there's Exile On Main St. and its deliriously grimy fusion of rock 'n' roll, blues, country and gospel; the New Wave punch that is Some Girls; Aftermath's fuzzy psych-garage menace; and, of course, the demonic snarl infusing both Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed.

But the Stones' rambling discography also contains plenty of overlooked gems. Considered artistic missteps when released in 1967, both Between the Buttons and Their Satanic Majesties Request have aged extremely well through the decades; they now stand as some of the era's most unique (and perverse) slices of psychedelic whimsy. The same goes for Goats Head Soup. Critics thought it a letdown in the wake of the epic Exile, yet nowadays it's considered the final chapter in a career peak that began with 1968's Beggars Banquet. And have you listened to 1983's Undercover recently? Jagged and spiky, it just might contain the funkiest and most X-rated music the Stones ever committed to wax.

Regardless of whether you've been a devotee since the days of street-fighting men and mother's little helpers or you're a 2000 man who discovered "Sympathy for the Devil" through Guitar Hero 5, you'll surely find plenty of awesome music to explore in Napster's Artist Spotlight.