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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Pet Shop Boys

by Barry Walters

Artist Spotlight: Pet Shop Boys


About this playlist

For nearly 30 years, London's Pet Shop Boys have generated many of dance music's wittiest and most wonderful songs. While countless flavors of the month have come and gone, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have remained remarkably true to their own instantly identifiable aesthetic: a mix of old-fashioned songwriting craftsmanship and ever-changing yet largely electronic arrangements that deliver symphonic drama with or without real strings. That combo makes them one of the most classic and most classical synth-pop duos ever, the wry singer (Tennant) and the deadpan keyboardist (Lowe) together generating hooks, heart, beats and memorable bon mots.

Over the course of a dozen albums, more than 50 singles and more remixes than even their most fanatical followers can count, Tennant and Lowe have created one of pop's most consistently entertaining catalogs. We've combed it thoroughly to create a playlist featuring most of their hits, some deep album cuts and a few unjustly underexposed B-sides, all in their best available versions. Here are Pet Shop Boys celebrating love, loss, liberation and life itself.

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