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Artist Spotlight: Lupe Fiasco

Artist Spotlight: Lupe Fiasco

About this playlist

Back in 2005, Lupe Fiasco entered the hip-hop lexicon with his outstanding mixtape tracks and a guest shot on Kanye West's "Touch the Sky." Ten years later, he's issuing his fifth full-length, Tetsuo & Youth. This playlist chronicles his journey, from hit singles like "Superstar" and "The Show Goes On" to political analyses like "American Terrorist," "Words I Never Said" and, from the new album, "Deliver." These days, Lupe is often dismissed as a radical-left firebrand, mocked on social media and virtually ignored by critics. But as these tracks show, his catalog is more diverse than just a few diatribes, whether it's the jet-setting "Paris, Tokyo" or the urban pop of "Out of My Head." If you haven't given him a listen in a while, this is an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with one of modern rap's most challenging provocateurs.

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