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Artist Spotlight: Eric Burdon

Artist Spotlight: Eric Burdon


With the release of Raw in Holland '13 -- solid proof that Eric Burdon hasn't lost any of his surly charm -- the time is right for Napster to honor this unique icon of classic rock. Of the myriad soul shouters who emerged from the British Invasion, it's safe to say Burdon ranks behind both Van Morrison and Steve Winwood in terms of popularity. Yet one could argue that his influence exceeds that of either singer. To begin with, the string of hits he and his first group, The Animals, scored between 1964 and '68 are hulking cornerstones in the foundations of four distinct genres: hard rock, blues rock, psychedelia and heavy metal. Moreover, there's no overestimating the impact of the act's crowning achievement, "House of the Rising Son." The funereal epic is, after all, the shared ancestor of The Doors, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and, by extension, the countless groups that have followed them through the decades.

After The Animals' demise toward the end of the '60s, Burdon re-emerged with a new band, WAR. It proved to be a formidable pairing, one that helped innovate funk rock, psych-funk and Latin funk over the course of three sprawling albums: Eric Burdon Declares "WAR," The Black-Man's Burdon and the 1976 oddities collection Love Is All Around. Possibly their most famous cut is the utterly infectious "Spill the Wine."

In addition to The Animals and his work with WAR, our Artist Spotlight contains key tracks from The Eric Burdon Band (1974 to '82), as well as the hard-raging howler's mid-'70s collaboration with American blues legend Jimmy Witherspoon. Now get exploring!

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