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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Beats Antique

by Rachel Devitt

Artist Spotlight: Beats Antique

About this playlist

Maybe you're a die-hard fan of Beats Antique, one of the devotees who comes to all their shows and dances your neon pants off to those slinky, sexy grooves. Maybe you've had the pleasure of running into the belly-dance-friendly Bay Area collective at a festival gig and been wowed by the way they manage to produce throbbing, beat-driven rhythms with live instruments -- and the beguiling moves of Zoe Jakes, the band's relative actual belly dancer. Or maybe you're a complete newbie drawn in by this group's interesting name and gorgeous image. Well, we've corralled all of the globe-trotting, beat-seeking group's best tracks and most beloved songs released over the course of eight albums into a playlist any Beats Antique listener will enjoy. Immerse yourself in a sonic world where Indian sarods dance with American (by way of Africa) banjos, Middle Eastern strings meet hip-hop beats, rattling dubstep cozies up to jazz licks -- and all of it gets grounded in pulsing electronic music and belly dance sounds.

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