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About this playlist

If the holiday season isn't stressing you out enough already, there's this whole "the world's going to end" thing going around. Now we here at Napster are not in the business of apocalyptic predictions, religious prophesies, conspiracy theories, climate change, sunspot cycles, solar flares or spiritual awakenings, but we do listen to a lot of music here, and not a year goes by without a smoking new pile of doomsday tuneage to add to our catalog.

So, if you don't plan on attending Playa Del Carmen's Day Zero Festival with "the finest artists in the galaxy" or taking the $5,300 "Doomsday Ride" through Mayan ruins or even listening to Rick Springfield's new album, Songs for the End of the World, on repeat, we have a soundtrack to at least help you drown out the talking heads on The History Channel as they do their best to scare the crap out of you and your loved ones (between ads for Pawn Stars, mind you).

Of course, no self-respecting list of apocalypse jams would be complete without the usual suspects: R.E.M., Blondie, Muse, the Stones and Nine Inch Nails (here I include one of my favorite Reznor moments, the even more arresting Still version of The Fragile's "The Day the World Went Away"). But there's also plenty more doom, plus music that requires you to dance yourself into oblivion (Brit Brit! Prince!). And because I'm a cynic that can still look at a glass as half full, I chose to close things out (well, before The Doors' curtain-falling epic "The End," that is) with a few uplifting tunes, including some of my personal favorites (Spiritualized, John Lennon, Louis Armstrong), to help circulate some positive energy. Enjoy and party like your life (and the world) depends on it.