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Alt Rock's Should've Been Hits

by Dan Weiss

Alt Rock's Should've Been Hits

About this playlist

Pop is a weird thing; a song could be a perfectly catchy, airtight pop tune but also be a total anachronism -- or sometimes it just gets lost in the shuffle. In the case of alt/indie rock, there are many "should've been hits," like Phantom Planet's fist-pumping "Do the Panic" -- which sounds like Slade meeting Southside Johnny -- or We Are Scientists' "Rules Don't Stop," which sounds like it could've been the anthemic closer to a John Hughes movie where high school misfits escape detention in an alternate universe. Then there's Tokyo Police Club, who have written several tunes that sound like instant classics, with 2010's "Favourite Food" merely the most grandiose. It's also easy to imagine Acrylics' "All of the Fire" between 10,000 Maniacs and The Sundays on late '80s college radio, or Standard Fare hitting the big time with "Love Doesn't Just Stop." Discover some true gems in our attached playlist.

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