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Alt Rockers Sing Dylan

by Dan Weiss

Alt Rockers Sing Dylan

About this playlist

Bob Dylan's profound influence on all of music history is summed up by many things, from his guest spot on Kurtis Blow's "Street Rock" to authoring the greatest guitarist's greatest moment (Jimi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower"). More proof is that these two hours of Dylan covers by alternative-identified artists managed to avoid anything from actual Dylan tribute albums, like the I'm Not There soundtrack or the new (and excellent) A Tribute to Bob Dylan in the '80s. So, what does that leave?

Well, PJ Harvey's ferocious, tumbling "Highway 61 Revisited"; The Ramones' barreling run through "My Back Pages"; Hole's choked-throat rendition of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"; Rage Against the Machine's unlikely scorched-earth take on "Maggie's Farm"; and My Chemical Romance's gleeful glam throwdown consisting of the first three minutes of "Desolation Row." There's also Sheryl Crow's cover of "Mississippi," which came out before Dylan's was finally released on Love & Theft, and her version is both faster and catchier. Meanwhile, Cat Power and Nick Cave do their own thing to "Paths of Victory" and "Death Is Not the End," respectively. Hear all those and more on our attached playlist.

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