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Alt Rock: Sampled

by Dan Weiss

Alt Rock: Sampled

About this playlist

Alternative rock has barely been sampled in the past -- how dare anyone be more postmodern than us, those guys thought. But the news of Nirvana being quoted by Jay-Z on his upcoming album pops this bubble, as well as the way indie rock samples have exploded in pop, rap and R&B over the last few years. Think Kid Cudi calling in Father John Misty to reprise "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" on his "Young Lady," or Jay-Z famously flying in the barely known Empire of the Sun for "What We Talkin' About." But probably the most talked-about amalgam of indie and rap was Kanye's fruitful union with Bon Iver, which began with "Woods" being spun into "Lost in the World." Still, Esham sampled Alice in Chains' "Dirt" ages ago; Jay-Z put words to Cake's "Arco Arena"; and The Breeders lived on during their lengthy hiatus when The Prodigy's worldwide smash "Firestarter" sampled their interlude "S.O.S." But these universes never collided so succinctly as when Lupe Fiasco finally got his fluke hit "The Show Goes On" by building on Modest Mouse's fluke hit "Float On."

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