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Alt Rock Deep Cuts

Alt Rock Deep Cuts: 1991

by Dan Weiss

Alt Rock Deep Cuts: 1991

About this playlist

The year of Nirvana's Nevermind was the year that the mainstream validated the scrappy rock music that previously would have never made it on the radio, no matter how catchy it was. Still, it missed quite a few potential hits. Matthew Sweet may have been on MTV, but not for a goofily scorching blues track like "Does She Talk?" And Smashing Pumpkins would go on to be massive later, but not for a lava-lamp jam like "Tristessa." So here's a bunch of deep cuts that stayed true to the spirit of "alternative" as true underdogs, stuff like Eleventh Dream Day ("You Know What It Is"), Gumball ("Gone Too Far") and, of course, the ultra-principled Fugazi ("Reclamation"), who did achieve a strange level of fame in spite of themselves.

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