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Alt Rock Deep Cuts

Alt Rock Deep Cuts: 1990

by Dan Weiss

Alt Rock Deep Cuts: 1990


About this playlist

Some of 1990's best moments in what would soon be known as alternative rock were nowhere near breaking through via radio. The Chills' sophisticated kiwi pop led to the masterpiece Submarine Bells and its astonishing centerpiece "I Soar," which was propelled solely by acoustic guitar and nautical, pennywhistle-like synth. The Pixies' unconventional Bossanova was tinged with reverberating surf guitar every which way, particularly on the haunting two-minute stunner "Ana," while Alice in Chains' debut, Facelift, was highlighted by occasional bizarre exercises like the chicken-scratch funk-metal of "I Know Something." Other tracks, like Babes in Toyland's "You're Right," Ween's "Wayne's Pet Youngin'," Superchunk's "My Noise" and Sonic Youth's epic "Mote," foreshadowed a very noisy decade to come.

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