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Top 30 Alt/Indie Releases, June-July 2013

by Dan Weiss

Top 30 Alt/Indie Releases, June-July 2013


A fruitful and diverse time for alt rock and indie music, the first half of this summer found concert titans Gogol Bordello adding mariachi and reggae to their furious mix of punk rock and Eastern Bloc folk, while Daughn Gibson discovered a midpoint between Johnny Cash's open-road lilting and Purity Ring's cut-up tone poems on his second effort. Hunx and His Punx got louder than ever on "Bad Skin" while Primal Scream tripped into a bizarre horn-section psychedelic warp on "2013." Jimmy Eat World's "How'd You Have Me" and Hawthorne Heights' "Spark" suggest an older emo is a power-pop influenced one. Eleanor Friedberger reinvented herself as folky classic rock on the bouncy "She's a Mirror," and Empire of the Sun's "Celebrate" came dangerously close to giving Daft Punk fans a second gift this year. Listen to all this and plenty more in our roundup of alt/indie highlights from the last couple months.

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