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Artist Spotlight

Alejandro Fernandez's Universe

by Rachel Devitt

Alejandro Fernandez's Universe

About this playlist

He's the son of el jefe de ranchera y mariachi, Vicente Fernández, and got his own start in regional genres. Then he transitioned into a pretty wildly successful pop singer -- but he can still rock a seriously fabulous traditional sombrero. He has released somewhere around a gazillion albums (OK, more like 15, but he's only 42). And oh yeah, he has duetted with pretty much everyone (remember that flamenco tune with Beyonce?). On his wide-ranging new album, Confidencias, alone, he teams up with his dad, Christina Aguilera and Rod Stewart. So it's pretty safe to say Alejandro Fernández's universe is a wild, wonderful place that you're gonna want to explore thoroughly. Get to it!

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