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A Brief History of SoCal Punk

by Evan Lucy

A Brief History of SoCal Punk

About this playlist

American punk rock has its early roots deeply planted in New York City, but by the late '70s, the movement had spread westward. This musical Manifest Destiny eventually infiltrated Southern California, as bands like X, The Germs, Fear, Black Flag and The Dickies became torchbearers for the movement's second wave. Over time, additional musical trends would find their way to the sound, paving the way for the pop punk movement of the '80 and '90s (spearheaded by acts including Descendents, Bad Religion and, later, blink-182) and ska-punk, which brought the world No Doubt and Sublime. These days, the definition of punk rock is a bit more nebulous (and open to incessant message board debate), but its West Coast forefathers are undeniable. Take a trip back through the genre's history with this playlist of SoCal punk legends -- no mosh-pitting necessary.

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