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'90s Indie Rock: Then & Now

by Annie Zaleski

'90s Indie Rock: Then & Now

About this playlist

Superchunk released their 10th studio full-length, I Hate Music, in August 2013, and while the album certainly harks back to the North Carolina group's sloppy-loud early days, the raucous power-pop songwriting was an impressive step forward. Then again, the indie lifers are in good company: '90s peers such as Sebadoh, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power and Liz Phair also continue to release sonically adventurous records, as do the decade's second-wave emo brethren (twisty math rockers Braid, quirk-pop icons The Dismemberment Plan) and U.K. innovators (folky poets Belle and Sebastian, space rockers Spiritualized). Take a spin through this then-and-now playlist featuring these bands and other '90s alt-nation dwellers, and marvel at how little nostalgia these groups have for the past.

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