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'90s Alternative Rock: Then & Now

by Annie Zaleski

'90s Alternative Rock: Then & Now

About this playlist

Roughly 20 years after grunge's heyday, the totems of that scene -- as well as their peers and progenitors -- continue to tour and release albums, even if the tunes come courtesy of a new lead singer (the growling stoner sludge of Alice in Chains), emerge after a decade-plus break (the viscous '70s rock grooves of Soundgarden) or arrive with regularity (the everyman rock of Pearl Jam). It's even more gratifying to hear that these groups refuse to rest on their laurels or celebrate past glories; bands such as Everclear, Soul Asylum, Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins are continuing to push their sound forward and take risks. Take a listen to a playlist of '90s alt rockers then and now to witness the evolution for yourself.

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