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'80s R&B Prom Ballads

by Mosi Reeves

'80s R&B Prom Ballads

About this playlist

I admit that I don't know what ballads got played during school proms in the 1980s. By the time mine rolled around, I was deep into my "alternative" phase and I didn't believe in that stuff. But if I had gone during that decade, I imagine I would have slow-danced to New Edition, Guy ("Piece of My Love," replete with Aaron Hall's infamous "dumb b*tch" retort), Bobby Brown, Michael and Janet Jackson, Stacy Lattisaw, and Keith Sweat, with maybe a little Prince if the mobile DJ hosting the party was on top of his game. That is, if I could work up the courage to ask a girl to go with me. So let this playlist be the soundtrack for the awkward, near-traumatic, heart-stopping prom experience in your head (or in real life, if you're so lucky).

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