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2016's Best Metal Albums So Far

by Chuck Eddy

2016's Best Metal Albums So Far

About this playlist

In case you didn’t know, March is Metal Month, so in honor of that momentous occasion, here are samplings from a dozen of the most stellar new albums to rear their heavy heads thus far in 2016. They come from old thrashers like Voivod and Megadeth; young thrashers like Septagon and Holy Grail; forest-folk Finns like Hexvessel and South American Vikings like Ravensire. Atlanta’s funky Mother’s Finest; Houston’s proggy Oceans of Slumber; and Switzerland’s just plain weird Erkonauts show up, too. There’s also Toronto power-metal pirates Anvil, England’s majestic Magnum, and Sweden’s grime-encrusted Gehennah. That last gang of reprobates even spend a couple songs on their album amusingly complaining about metal not always being so great anymore -- but there’s plenty in this mix proves them dead wrong.

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