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Best Of 2012

2012 Pop Breakups & Hookups

by Rachel Devitt

2012 Pop Breakups & Hookups

About this playlist

OMG, can you guys believe everything that went down between Justin and Selena this year? Or what about Kimye? Or Katy Perry and that dude from Florence & The Machine? Or Katy Perry and John Mayer? At times, it seemed like our favorite pop stars spent the entirety of 2012 falling in love, hooking up and breaking up in a very high-profile kind of way -- more often than not, with each other. And we have dutifully followed their every move and developed our own very strong opinions about ... um, stuff that isn’t really our business*. But don’t pretend like that means you weren’t following along, too. You know you were! So come on, indulge in your guilty, dirty, voyeuristic pleasure in a nice, lighthearted, sonic, not-at-all sycophant kinda way with our playlist of songs by and about the artists behind this year’s biggest musical breakups and hookups.

*And to that point, we will keep our opinions or concerns about Rihanna and Chris Brown to ourselves, except to say that relationship dynamics, especially when histories of abuse are involved, are complex to say the least, and that probably the best thing we can do is to work to end domestic violence in general and, in the meantime, respect a woman’s ability to make her own decisions and own her own choices. End of soapboxing.