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15 Sick 2012 Metal Albums

by Chuck Eddy

15 Sick 2012 Metal Albums


Every month, we here at Napster round up 15 (sometimes even 20) new metal albums and dissect them in a handy blog post. But every once in a while, a record comes along that is so torturous, so pain-inducing, so horrific, so grotesque, so lethal, so sick and/or sickly that we somehow forget to include it -- perhaps because it's just too brutal, and we are just too wimpy to endure its brutality.

Or maybe not. But either way, to close the lid on 2012’s metal garbage can once and for all (no flimsy plastic trash bins for our scary dungeon), here's a roundup of 15 previously un-rounded-up metal albums from the waning Year of Our Lord of Darkness: grindcore, rapcore, deathcore, blackcore, sludgecore, apple core, you name it. Three are by Christian bands gettin’ ugly for God; two are from comedic jesters of metal’s royal court; two are by longstanding nü-metal standard-bearers flippin’ a dubstep script. Can’t get much badder than that -- and this is one bad bunch!

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