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I'm Up by Young Thug


I'm Up

Young Thug

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Label: 300 Entertainment/Atl
“F Cancer (Boosie),” where Young Thug pays tribute to Lil Boosie and his recent bout with cancer, has a flamboyant bounce sound reminiscent of classic Cash Money. Alas, I’m Up isn’t a nostalgia trip, but a somewhat erratic-sounding mixtape. “King Troup” has the same murky bass flow as Barter 6, and Metro Boomin’s synth zaps on “Hercules” resemble his previous beat for Future’s “Blow a Bag.” As for Thugger, he floats in and out of focus, and slurs his words into a melodic mutter, but he sounds animated on “Bread Winners,” which zips along like a Formula 1 car. The final track, “Family,” finds him collaborating with his sisters Dora and Dolly.

About This Album


About This Album