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Avec un frisson: Late Piano Works of Debussy & Boulez by Yegor Shevtsov



Yegor Shevtsov

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Label: New Focus Recordings
Pierre Boulez conducts some Debussy, and his own late music is said to have a French sheen (though surely an avant-garde one). So it makes sense to put two of his piano pieces next to the second book of Debussy's Etudes. Shevtsov favors a dry sound and less sustain than Mitsuko Uchida uses in the Debussy, which helps "Pour les accords" go down next to Boulez's 2001 revision of "Incises" or the even more recent "Une page d'ephemeride" (which frame the album). Fans of other Debussy recordings may find these readings harsh, but it's a fascinating way to hear both composers.

About This Album


About This Album