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Visions Of A Life by Wolf Alice


Yuk Foo

Wolf Alice

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Label: Dirty Hit
Fleshing out the '90s-flavored sound first introduced on their debut full-length, 2015's My Love Is Cool, Wolf Alice's sophomore effort drowns listeners in gloriously massive swells of power chord-anchored alt-rock and sweetened dream pop dipped in woozy, shoegaze-like textures. At the center of the Londoners' huge, technicolor-splashed sound is singer and guitarist Ellie Rowsell, who is equally skilled at slicing into the band's din like a dagger ("Yuk Foo") or riding it with all the enthralling agility of a Zen surfer ("Don’t Delete the Kisses"). And let's not forget all those delicious hooks; simply jump to "Space and Time" and let the song's candied punch knock you out.

About This Album


About This Album