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O.N.I.F.C. by Wiz Khalifa



Wiz Khalifa

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Label: Rostrum/Atlantic
Gee, Wiz sure has a lot of haters, but he doesn't care because he makes money and smokes the best weed and hangs out with his lady Amber Rose. While he repeats the same phrases in a lazy drawl, his guests, like a rejuvenated Juicy J ("The Plan"), 2 Chainz ("It's Nothin'") and The Weeknd ("Remember You"), perform like they actually care about more than just making money and smoking ... well, you know. But O.N.I.F.C.'s real saving grace is the dreamily ambient beats, and songs like "Paperbond," "Bluffin'" and "Time" that hearken to the pop-rap bliss of Rolling Papers.

About This Album


About This Album