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Back 2 Life by Sean Kingston


Hold That

Sean Kingston

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Remember when Sean Kingston was a baby-faced kid, hanging with Bieber and hormonally crooning about “beauuuuutiful girls?” Now, well, he’s still hormonally crooning -- but he’s doing it with Busta and C-Breezy and aping R. Kelly (“Shotta Luv,” you remind us of something). His third album is a mix of those two stages of honey-ogling. He dips deeply into Caribbean riddims this time (“Bomba,” “Smoke Signals”), but he cuts them with sugar-crusted pop, whether he’s biting Duran Duran (“Ordinary Girl”) or bringing the strobe-ready dance beats. It verges on Flo Rida, but it’s good, poptastic fun.

About This Album


About This Album