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Forever by RKM & Ken-Y



RKM & Ken-Y

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Label: Pina Records
Forget bombastic beats and syncopated swagger. On their latest, RKM & Ken-Y are all about the romance, baby (not that these two pop stars have often come on particularly hard). With the occasional dance pop exception (and one big, bad reggaeton banger, "El Party Sigue [24/7]"), Forever is dominated by sensual, well-crafted slow jams that explore a wide range of ballad styles and showcase Ken-Y's sweet vocals and RKM's soft rapping. The duo adds depth by playing with textures, like the surprising Arabic/African-esque production (a synth-shawm? A West African kora harp?) on "A Ella Le Gusta El Dembow" or the tripping wooden beats and pretty acoustic guitars of "No Vuelvas."

About This Album


About This Album