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The Very Best Of Ram Jam by Ram Jam



Ram Jam

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Label: Epic/Legacy
First concocted in the studio by producers Kasenetz-Katz to capitalize on the Top 40 (and impending sports arena) success of ex-Lemon Piper Bill Bartlett's glitter-stomp Leadbelly update "Black Betty," Ram Jam evolved into a self-contained unit that released two late '70s albums, the second way heavier. This comp ropes in both, all 20 cuts: glammy future Joan Jett cover "Too Bad On Your Birthday," hot Nugent rip "404," cool Allmans rip "High Steppin'," fast metal "Runaway Runaway," mean road-dawg slog "Turnpike," bratty teen anthem "The Kid Next Door" and bubblegum biker boogie galore.

About This Album


About This Album