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Autodrama by Puro Instinct



Puro Instinct

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Label: Manifesto Records
Five years after their debut conquered the blogosphere, Piper and Skylar Kaplan finally deliver a follow up. On the self-produced Autodrama the native Angelenos drift through clouds of dream pop, but now those clouds hover over dancefloors where the young and beautiful dance late into the night. “Peccavi” and “Tell Me” come swathed in echo-drenched luminousness, purring rhythms and synth-generated strings that coolly call attention to their own artificiality. Lurking inside all the intoxicating ether are cryptic lyrics that make reference to the Tarot (“Six of Swords”), abstruse philosophy (“Panarchy”) and astrology (“Scorpio Rising”). At the same time, Puro Instinct take a decidedly political turn on a title track that meditates uneasily on the dangers of hedonism, as well as the ecological peril facing not just a bone-dry California, but the entire planet as well.

About This Album


About This Album