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Monsters Of Folk by Monsters Of Folk


Say Please

Monsters Of Folk

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Label: Shangri-La
The monsters: Jim James, M. Ward, Conor Oberst, producer Mike Mogis. The folk: indie rock's retro-adorin' interpretation of it, meaning a few dashes of twang here, a mandolin there and even a nod to Johnny Cash ("Man Named Truth"). Each member can harmonize and pick a six-string with the best of them, so they're going to get CSNY and Traveling Wilburys comparisons, but it's about time a new generation got itself a folk-rockin' supergroup. Mutual respect and spotlight time keep the vibe smooth and carefree. Highlights: "Dear God," "Say Please," "Temazcal," "Baby Boomer," "Slow Down Jo."

About This Album


About This Album