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Mastermind by Monster Magnet



Monster Magnet

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Label: Napalm Records
Jersey stoner-metal space-lord Dave Wyndorf doesn't let drug recovery, a decade's worth of sub-par rock, or turning 54 during album release week get in the way of some of his most badass wisecrackery ever: "I'm a punked-out freak on a big wheel," "Give me a bonus 'cause the world has fried my head," lots more. But despite the sure-shot chorus of "Gods and Punks," his cronies' riffs don't quite hook until halfway in. From there on, though -- from the supersonic Hawkwind zoom of "100 Million Miles" and escape-to-1969 "Time Machine" to the musclebound goth of "Ghost Story" -- this soars up a storm.

About This Album


About This Album