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Wildheart (Deluxe Version) by Miguel




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Label: ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records
"Too proper for the black kids/ Too black for the Mexicans," sings Miguel on "What's Normal Anyway." He's a little different from the R&B norm -- not as introspective as Frank Ocean, but wilder and looser than Usher and Trey Songz. And on his third album, he craftily escapes the alt R&B ghetto and embraces flashy L.A.-styled funk rock. "A Beautiful Exit" is wrapped in electric guitar, and "Deal" is a nice slice of hooky pop. The peaks here aren't as high as Kaleidoscope Dream, but it sounds more cohesive, and for fans who want Miguel the sex god, there's always "Coffee" in the morning.

About This Album


About This Album