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Human Energy by Machinedrum


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Label: Ninja Tune
Machinedrum (Travis Stewart) has consistently evolved through genres and eras. He began as something of a raw, IDM-leaning minimal techno producer, morphed into a glitch maestro and is now abandoning his raw, rough and minimal style for a melodic and poppy R&B melding of cross-genre experimentation. Human Energy highlight “Morphogene” features sterling vocals by Ruckazoid and traverses glitch underpinnings with instrumentation and complex layers of sound that hang together well. Throughout “Angel Speak,” tasteful and restrained samples offset the tension and release, which build to breaks reminiscent of lesser EDM artists who probably have never heard of Machinedrum. Human Energy further establishes that Stewart has remained seminal through over a decade of production and evolution in electronic music.

About This Album


About This Album