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Kiss Me Once by Kylie Minogue



Kylie Minogue

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Label: Parlophone UK
The queen of all dancing queens has always been at her hottest when she's working an icy fierceness -- or getting sassy. Neither quality is quite explicitly on display here; instead, we get a very explicit, sexed-up stab at the modern dance-pop house the queen helped build. Minogue more than holds her own on cuts like the throbbing "Into the Blue," the dubstep-laced (and terribly/awesomely titled) "Sexercise," the sax-y '80s pop-rock thang all the kids are doing ("Sexy Love") and lots of smooth, shiny electro-pop. Still, a little more Kylie spark, a little less trend-owning would be great, too.

About This Album


About This Album