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The Ravished Bride by Kocani Orkestar


But Katili

Kocani Orkestar

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Label: Crammed Discs
The Kocani Orkestar of The Ravished Bride is not the Kocani Orkestar of L'Orient Est Rouge -- trumpet-player Naat Veliov left, younger members joined, Balkan Beat Box's Uri Kinrot guests, a trap drum appears. Are we done with the caveats? Yes. So dig in and get ravished, because this album -- certainly more polished than its predecessors, certainly stepping closer to pop music than before -- can't seem to stop charming us. Much has been made of the cover of "La Llorona," but for our money the truly unusual "Papigo" is the set's standout, followed closely by "Romani Caj."

About This Album


About This Album