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Girl Talk by Kate Nash



Kate Nash

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Label: Girl Gang Records
It would've been cheesy for Kate Nash to name this Grrrl Talk, but she could have. Her third album is an homage to bad-ass girl punkery, each era filtered through the Brit's brat-pop gaze. You get your surfy, vixenish girl group (the fierce "Death Proof"); your arty, screamy punk ("Cherry Pickin'"); your hipster-hop (the Blondie-via-Luscious Jackson "Rap for Rejection"); your ferocious garage rock ("All Talk," like a poppier Yeah Yeah Yeahs); and a whole lot of riot grrrl snarl (don't miss "Fri-end?" or the threatening "All Talk"). We don't know when Nash got so... nasty, but it sounds good.

About This Album


About This Album