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Integrity Blues by Jimmy Eat World


Pol Roger

Jimmy Eat World

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Building on the experimental streak revealed on 2013’s Damage, Jimmy Eat World’s ninth album is littered with bold forays into richly layered, intelligently crafted alt rock that’s miles removed from their trademark blend of pop-punk and emo. Working with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen (who helped Paramore remake their sound), the group unleash harshly angular riffs and a cold, mechanical pulse on the dystopian-flavored “Pass the Baby.” A meditative ballad about staying true to oneself, the title track is symphonic in its grandeur, with singer Jim Adkins showing off his soaring vocal skills. But as the sublimely melodic “You Are Free” demonstrates, the band haven’t abandoned their gift for killer hooks and tight harmonies--they’ve simply given it a new setting.

About This Album


About This Album