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Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo



Jason Derulo

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Label: Beluga Heights/Warner Records
Let's get the obvious out of the way: This album is about booty. Literally, figuratively, suggestively, nearly every track is about patty-caking (the incorrigible "Wiggle"), popping ("Bubblegum"), (un)zipping (the ratchet-cut "Zipper") and, um, marrying it. Which brings us to theme #2: long-term commitment. This smooth-talking dog is clearly enamored with fiancée Jordin Sparks (who guests on sexy slow jam "Vertigo"). The final point: Thanks to a fierce production team and Derulo's JT-meets-Usher vocal stance, this slice of lust'n'marriage pop is one of 2014's best. You will, indeed, wiggle it.

About This Album


About This Album