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Notes From The Underground by Hollywood Undead


Up In Smoke

Hollywood Undead

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Label: Interscope Records*
Insane clowns not nearly as crazy or funny as they pretend, these chart-scaling L.A. rapcorers don't really sound very metal -- more like a louder, grosser, less witty version of 3Oh!3. On their third album, run-of-the-mill jerkitude (cartoonish threats of violence in the night, slobbering fellatio demands) makes the sorry-for-self stuff tough to sympathize with, though the sing-songy concern for "broken" kids seems sincere. The wasted "Up in Smoke" is almost worthy of LMFAO. But when they claim to be "so icy, like ice cream" in the football takeoff "Pigskin," you may well miss Vanilla.

About This Album


About This Album