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Greatest Hits Vol. 1 by Hank Williams, Jr.


Old Habits

Hank Williams, Jr.

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Label: Curb Records
In a moment of Kid Rock-esque lip flapping, Hank III once said that in his family bloodline, "talent skipped a generation." Hank Williams Jr. may not have been much of a honky-tonker, but "Bocephus" was as integral to the outlaw country movement as Willie, Waylon and David Allan Coe, as the slightly irreverent "Family Tradition" can attest. "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" is the definitive anthem for the bearded, boozing, Stetson-donning country rockers of the 1970s. Why this song was never used in any films that involved Clint Eastwood and punch-throwing orangutans is a great mystery.

About This Album


About This Album