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Are You Gonna Eat That? by Hail Mary Mallon


Holy Driver

Hail Mary Mallon

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Label: Rhymesayers
Imagine Bob Dylan reincarnated in two New York multisyllabic cynics transplanted in California, and you can anticipate Are You Gonna Eat That?. Under the guise of 19th century typhoid carrier Hail Mary Mallon, Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic engage in wordy rapping -- the third member, DJ Big Wiz, handles the scratches -- and their songs can be a morass for the uninitiated. A good starting point is "Knievel," which pays tribute to the daredevil stuntman. But try making sense of "Poconos," where the duo describes a horrific summer vacation, or the surreal tour diary that is "Meter Feeder."

About This Album


About This Album