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¡Tré! by Green Day



Green Day

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Label: Reprise
The final installment in Green Day's ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre! trilogy finds the trio continuing their trip through the scrappy mix of punk and power pop that made them alt-darlings in the early '90s. Though all three are of a piece, ¡Tre! exudes a heightened sense of nostalgia. Pungent whiffs of love, longing and loss suffuse most of its 12 cuts (especially ballads "Drama Queen," "8th Avenue Serenade" and "Brutal Love"). But even rockers like "Dirty Rotten Bastards" and "99 Revolutions" aren't immune from Billie Joe's implacable need to slip back in time to his carefree (if turbulent) youth.

About This Album


About This Album