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Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band by Green Day



Green Day

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Label: Reprise
Spanning three decades, the 22 hits and crowd favorites comprising God's Favorite Band chart Green Day's gradual (and not always linear) evolution from young pop-punkers emerging from the Bay Area's legendary DIY scene to elder statesmen of America's sprawling alt-rock movement. This means fans are treated to the teenage-bred heartache and angst permeating early cuts like "She" and the career-breaking "Longview," as well as the biting political critique and conceptual heft packed into the 21st-century classics "American Idiot" and "Know Your Enemy." Listeners should also be on the lookout for a re-recording of the folk-punk ballad "Ordinary World" that features none other than country singer Miranda Lambert: if the song's tender, male/female harmonies don't make you shed a tear, nothing will.

About This Album


About This Album