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¡DOS! by Green Day



Green Day

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Label: Reprise
Episode ¡Dos! in Green Day's 2012 trilogy is an even livelier party than its predecessor. The Cali punks merrily roll around in their roots like pigs in mud, bringing back some of that ol' juvenile humor (see the rather blunt "F*** Time") and Kinks-style garage rock (check out those guitar licks on "Wild One" and "Makeout Party"), as Billie Joe seethes and snarls like it's 1994, proving restless boredom ("Lazy Bones"), bad habits ("Nightlife") and girl woes ("Stray Heart") never go away with age. The party, however, ends on a poignant note with "Amy," a tribute to the late Ms. Winehouse.

About This Album


About This Album