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Trans-Continental Hustle by Gogol Bordello


Uma Menina

Gogol Bordello

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Label: American Recordings Catalog P&D
Now a Sao Paulo-based movie star, Eugene Hutz unsurprisingly seems more distanced than ever on much of his band's fifth album; give or take the defiant immigrant gang-shout "We Comin' Rougher," the record's first half has a weary, even depressive, swirl to it. But midway through, Gogol learn some Latin clave, and soon Hutz is swearing "evolution isn't over." He saves three of his sharpest moves -- the explicitly Brazil-inspired "In the Meantime in Pernambuco," enraged headbang "Break the Spell" ("you love our music but hate our guts"), and furiously percussive title track -- for the end.

About This Album


About This Album