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Free Wired by Far East Movement


Free Wired

Far East Movement

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Label: Interscope
On their big-label breakthrough, the Asian American electro-club foursome makes its claim as a 21st-century Technotronic. Girl-pop vocal hooks, dude-next-door rapping and familiar cover fragments (from Gwen Stefani, Beasties, B-52s) meld atop drunken herky-jerk, Ke$ha/B.E.P.-style robot-funk -- often transcendently. Latin freestyle stutters get "slizzered" in the supremely silly Top 10 hit "Like a G6," but "Go Ape" (jumping Lil Jon-bolstered bubblecrunk), "She Owns the Night" (a dizzy mix of 3Oh!3 and Flashdance), and "White Flag" (cherry-bomb bounce advocating surrender) are almost as fun.

About This Album


About This Album