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Waitin' To Inhale (Screwed & Chopped) by Devin The Dude


Cutcha' Up

Devin The Dude

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Label: Rap-A-Lot Records
The slow, translucent funk of Devin's production suggests an ethereal, pot-induced ambivalence, while the lyrics are immaculately detailed dirty talk. But it's Devin's voice -- warm, wandering and soulful -- that seals the deal. "Broccoli and Cheese" finds our blunted H-Town hero making the case that his jimmy "is so clean that you can boil it in some collard greens/ ...serve it with some lima beans," while "No Longer Needed Here" and "Lil' Girl Gone" (with Bun B and Lil Wayne) are sorrowful looks at love lost. This is another off-key masterpiece from one of Houston's finest.

About This Album


About This Album